Parents of our students are very involved in school activities. Each year, total volunteer hours are in excess of 25,000.Holy Family School


Families that choose to join the Holy Family community are committing to the philosophy of shared responsibility in the education of their child. It is a partnership between the parents and the school that supports the development of the whole child. What makes our parish school so special is that it is a community in the truest sense of the word—a place where our young people can gather to learn and experience our common faith and tradition as believers in Jesus Christ. Research has shown that children whose parents are involved in their child’s education do better in the academic environment. At Holy Family we believe this to be true. In addition to a tuition commitment, below is a list of programs and a brief description of the expectation for parental participation.

Volunteer Work Hours

Each family has an obligation to complete 40 hours of volunteer work each year. Single parent families and Preschool families are required to fulfill 20 hours. The purpose of this program is for all school parents to participate as volunteers in the activities of the school and/or parish. Activities include, but are not limited to: teacher aide, board member, field trip driver, working at festival, etc. A list of opportunities is sent home at the beginning of the school year and may be found on our web site. In order to volunteer at Holy Family School, fingerprints, Diocese volunteer waiver, and online class form must be on file in the school office.

Scrip Commitment

Each family is expected to purchase $4,000.00 of Scrip per school year to help offset operating budget expenses. This amount must be reached by the end of April each year. Our list of Scrip participants is extensive to help all families meet this commitment.

School Development

Our “Gifting of Faith” appeal is designed to fund our long-range plan, which includes technology upgrades and other needed improvements. Last year, we were able to raise over $50,000 for the school. This is a tax-deductible way to help support the school. We ask our families to support this appeal based on their financial capabilities.